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Our Plans For Improvement

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Park Improvements

The City of Pharr’s parks system will expand and increase the total parks acreage more than 60 acres. There will be a total of 5 new parks.

Road Improvements

Year 2 of the 4-year street re- pavement fully funded program: improvements for roads that have not been maintained in south, central, and northern Pharr.

New Nature Park

This cultural landscape with walking trails will provide residents the opportunity to adventure in the City of Pharr and appreciate its beauty.

New Amphitheater

The vision for this open-air theatre is a venue where Pharr residents can congregate and take pleasure in events such as concerts and movie nights.

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2015 - 2016 In Review

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Giving Back to Pharr Residents

Under new leadership and at the direction of Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D., the City of Pharr's budget priorities centered around two major issues: giving back to residents and improving city infrastructure. City leaders and administration focused resources and expenditueres on projects involving these intiatives; Pharr leaders have accomplished their budget priorities.

Several notable successes under the priority to give back to residents include: giving residents the biggest reduction in property taxes in the last 20 years; indentifying $7 million in excess cash in the utility fund and returning half of that back to the utility payers, marking the first time any city in the area has given money back to the residents; creating a Utility Bill Relief program to assist those in need with their utility bill; implementing a living wage intiative, a minimum $11/hour wage for full-time employees and for those requesting economic development incentives from the city.

Improvements To City Infrastructure

Improving city infrastructure was also a significant priority for the city. In the last 10 years the City of Pharr received just under $28 million in federal funding. This year alone through the Mayor’s leadership, the City was able to obtain federal funding for Pharr roads in excess of $52 million.

  • F.Y. 2015 - 2014 $28 Million in Funding

  • F.Y. 2015 - 2016 $52 Million in Funding

Instilling A Culture of Ethics

Through the leadership of Pharr Mayor Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez and the City Commission, Guerra said his office has begun to unveil a guideline for employee leadership principles and traits he says combines the most important aspects needed for working within local government including Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Ethics (PRIDE).

  • P roffesionalism
  • R espect
  • I ntegrity
  • D iscipline
  • E thics

Major Milestones Reached

Lowest Tax Rate In Over 20 years

Gave Pharr residents the biggest reduction in property taxes in the last 20 years. Lowest tax rate since the year 2000!

Water Utility Refund

Indentified $7 million in excess cash in the utility fund and returned half back to the utility payes. Totaling $3.5 million in riembursement to Pharr citizens.

Living Wages

Implemented a living wage initiative, a minimum $11/hour wage for full-time employees and for those requesting economic development incentives from the city.

Take A Look At What We Have Planned

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Our team of employees are constantly working to meet the needs of the community through services, activities and events. Enhancing the quality of life for all Pharr residents is at the core of this new fiscal year.

Your City Commission

Elected Officials Serving Pharr Residents

Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D.

City Mayor

Oscar Elizondo, Jr.

Place 3, Mayor Pro Tem

Eleazar Guajardo

Commissioner Place 1

Roberto "Bobby" Carrillo

Commissioner Place 2

Edmund Maldonado, Jr.

Commissioner Place 4

Ricardo Medina

Commissioner Place 5

Mario A. Bracamontes

Commissioner Place 6